Destination, Jesus

Phillipians 3:1-21

Paul had a clarity of purpose that shaped his life. For him life was a race with a single goal, the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Jesus was his destination and he never wavered from that. Such focus affects how we view the world around us, suddenly everything that the world values becomes ‘rubbish’ in comparison with the pursuit of Jesus. Paul was like those identified in Hebrew 11:13-16, he confessed that he was a stranger on earth. His citizenship was in heaven, he was on a pilgrimage to Jesus. Psalm 85:5-7

This is how we should view life. Life is not about the journey it is about the destination. If our eyes are on the journey we get caught up in the value systems of this world. Let’s recognise that we are citizens of another kingdom and our destination is King Jesus.

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